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Thread: Intervews Pete Colello - Apple Mac show car

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    143 Intervews Pete Colello - Apple Mac show car

    Pete has spent 5 years building this show car and has used it to win many awards. Tour Pete's car and see how he integrated a car computer. Pete's website is here if you want more details.


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    I dare not respect the ricey-ness of his car. 350Z headlights and what resembles Lexus IS300/Toyota Altezza taillights on a Celica????

    I'll respect his craftsmanship, but that alone can only go so far. I mean come on... you spend all that money on a project like that but you don't have enough sense to buy some 10mm spacers for the rear wheels? A wee bit of a shipwreck if you ask me.

    Someone really should do something about the amount of rice that's present at shows.

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    Nice Work.

    what kind of actuator did you use on the tv.?

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