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Thread: Elektrobit - Linux navigation at Detroit Telematics 2009

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    Elektrobit - Linux navigation at Detroit Telematics 2009

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    Rob Wray from mp3Car interviews Artur Seidel from Elektrobit.

    The following questions are addressed:

    What is Elektrobit?
    How do different navigation components work?

    If your a developer, what volumes will you need to buy into to develop with Elektrobit?

    Do you take any traffic feeds right out of the box?

    How is Elektrobit distinguish itself from the competition?

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    i can't find any details on their site. is this nav product still in development?
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    Quote Originally Posted by SFiorito View Post
    i can't find any details on their site. is this nav product still in development?
    It is in active development. It is actually the navigation component of Drewtech's full navigation engine and a brand new clarion product that just came out. If anyone wants to develop against it, i can try to dig up a number to their sales team for this specific product. I would exppect to do a volume commitment or be willing to pay NRE if you only need to ship a small number. (<1,000 units)

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