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Thread: New Product: p5USB Hub

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    cool thanks!

    would be nice to have a manual for this, that way basic questions like this don't have to clutter up this thread...

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    Well I did it this way because I was lazy and just wanted to get in connected.

    I might when I have time and a final idea of where everything is, wire it up properly.

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    Using P5USB with P1900 power supply

    I'm in the process of setting up P1900 to power a Mac Mini, along with a P5USB that I dont want to connect via USB to the Mac Mini (I'm powering a Verizon MiFi wireless hub that can't be connected to Mac via USB since that cuts the wireless hub off and then runs as a tethered modem for that one computer only).

    Based on the posts above it looks like I would connect both the red and yellow wires from the P5USB to the ACC wire in my car.

    I'm installing in a 2007 Volvo V70 and I've been warned by the service techs at the dealer to avoid drawing too much power off the Rear Electronic Module, since voltage drops could cause a error message. Plus, it has been a hassle to find the correct connectors to plug into the REM.

    My question is this: To simplify my wiring, could I connect the red and yellow wires from the P5USB to the red wire of the P1900 Secondary Output (12V)?

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    Quote Originally Posted by VolvoNewbie View Post
    My question is this: To simplify my wiring, could I connect the red and yellow wires from the P5USB to the red wire of the P1900 Secondary Output (12V)?

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    Using P5USB without upstream USB connection

    I now have connected and powered up the hub. Everything works fine as long as I have the upstream USB port connected to a computer.

    But, I have a couple devices that I can't have connected to the computer, that simply need power via USB.

    Any input on how to run this hub without having it connected via upstream USB to a computer? I've watched the video and read all the relevant posts and haven't seen any solutions specific to this issue. Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Powering P5USB without upstream USB connection

    To continue my plea for help with this issue, here's a PM response from another user who had posted the same problem on this board earlier:

    Sorry Volvo, I never did find a solution. A bit disappointing considering how expensive the thing is and the only way to get it turned on is via a cpu. Note: I did try connecting the upstream to a 5v source to see if that would do it and it did not turn the unit on, so its not actived by power but by a signal. If you have any luck please do post it. I am sure we are not the only ones.

    Does anyone have any input on how to enable the P5USB without having it connected to a computer? My wireless router will not work if connected to a computer and I have other USB powered devices that I'd rather not link to the computer.

    Thanks in advance.

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    The whole point of this device versus other hubs is the fact that the power is computer controlled. That is the main feature!

    If you want to power something with a USB port when the computer is off, then just buy a 99cent 12v to usb adapter that gives you 5v power, or just wire up a LM7805.
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    Troubles in P5USB land

    one of the four ports on this device has stopped functioning. Most of the time, when something is plugged into this port, I get the generic "Unknown device" in the USB Devices list. The rest of the time, I get nothing at all, no indication that the computer sees anything plugged into it at all.

    I've tried...
    1. Different devices in this slot
    2. All other USB slots on the device work
    3. Completely removing power & USB connections from the hub, rebooting system & replugging.


    Looks like I bought this item from MP3car back at the end of March, barely over 5 months ago.

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    A faulty port.
    What more - pin check, component check?

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