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Thread: At 34% taller, WD releases 1TB 2.5" shock resistant hard drive - Scorpio Blue

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    At 34% taller, WD releases 1TB 2.5" shock resistant hard drive - Scorpio Blue

    Western digital was able to cram 1TB of data into this new laptop drive. They are 34% taller at 12.5mm as compared to the standard 9.5mm height.

    This drive appears to mainly be developed for the consumer electronics market, but they do advertise shock resistant features:

    "ShockGuard™ - Leading-edge ShockGuard technology combines firmware and hardware advancements to meet the highest combined shock tolerance specifications required for mobile and notebook applications.
    SecurePark™ - Parks the recording heads off the disk surface during spin up, spin down and when the drive is off. This ensures the recording head never touches the disk surface, resulting in improved long-term reliability due to less head wear and improved shock tolerance. "

    You can only get it packaged in a USB passport (WD10TEVT) for now and the price is $249.99

    Talk about this on our forums here.

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    You guys are quick, I was just going to post about this this morning. I didn't notice the height difference though. How much of a factor is the extra 3mm? Seems to me that if you're not fitting it into a standard form factor then it's rather pointless. I'm sure they could come right back and make a 2 terabyte drive, all they have to do is double the height!

    Still, pretty amazing. And the price is right as well. 1.8" next?

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    I have seen 2.5" drives before that were "slightly taller," like this, but still fit in 99% of laptops out there--so it was still beneficial, even though they are kind of cheating the standards here.

    mmm I just put in a 500GB drive... a 1TB sounds even better though

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    I'm so happy to see this I cant wait until I can throw this into an eSATA and hook it up to my new duo setup, Ill defiantly be looking for special and oem sales

    Not to mention I could carry my whole video collection around with me and still have space for whatever I wanted.
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