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Thread: Hardware Review: BoomzBox HD AM/FM Radio

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    Quote Originally Posted by S4Per View Post
    How many amps, total, does the Boomzbox draw?

    LESS THAN 1Amp

    "Did you test it in carwings??"

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    Quote Originally Posted by carpenter4j View Post
    OK I know this won't get me any friends and doesn't look great as a first post(I've been lurking for some time now ), but I guess I am compelled to join the bandwagon. . .

    Right now I am just researching what I may eventually do for a system. I thought HD radio - awesome. Then I saw the price and thought HD radio . . . NOT awesome.

    Now get me straight here . . . people who sell a product can sell that product at any price point they choose and that is their right. By picking a price point they also pick their clientele. If they want the masses to buy it, they have to pick a price point the masses find attractive. CLEARLY at least some of the masses have determined that this is not a product for the masses. I may eventually find it as part of my solution, but it is WAY down on the list now.

    I am not knocking your choice to price it where you want, but please understand - every decision has a consequence. I don't give a rat's rear end what the other receivers cost - I won't be buying this one based on price. Ignore other products and consider (I'm sure you already have), what niche do YOU want to fill.

    You may say, I can't price it lower because cost of production/licensing have put it at the price it's at. Fine - maybe the time is not right for this technology to be universally accepted. Just accept that as the seller, and we as the consumers don't have a choice; we in the market we're in will find other options more suited to our budgets/priorities.
    You'll find most here respect other's opinions. And you'll have to forgive me for treating you as an ignorant noob (no disrespect, just fact). I and many others have used and/or tested several radio solutions for CarPCs and we know the cheaper solutions are all lacking (other than directed/visteon, but they are out of production and becoming harder to find). The only true CarPC HDRadio in production is the BoomzBox. Anything else you may find is old technology.

    To find a cheaper product means trade-offs. You may have to do without HD or RDS; you may have to do without AM; you may have to use a line-in for audio; you most likely will have to deal with poor reception and have to fab your owm antenna interface(and still have poor reception). All these things cost time, money, quality, features. Its up to you to decide if you want to be like me with 5 or 6 radios in the trash cause they weren't good enough or buy the best at whatever it costs (which I've done and am extremely happy with it).

    We are not talking mass consumption for these product. Its a small niche market and for that a premium is paid.
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    I think these last two posts were perfect. A lot of people will see the price and run but the true enthusiast will appreciate the product knowing what's out there. I agree, I don't think this product was aimed at the masses. It really is a premium considering what else it out there capability wise. But I also do agree given it's price point, it has fallen a few notches on my list. BUT it remains on my list because when I want radio for my CarPC I want it done right.

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    when i read about it i said "its a $120 msrp product" so tacking on another $50 is right in line with everything else they sell... so im not surprised. im not saying the ' tax' is wrong or anything though, i would do it too if i ran this site. if i could afford to spend a few extra bucks, i would buy everything from the mp3car store because i know they only sell products that should be sold for carpc's. they have good support too, obviously. basically, youre paying a little extra for convenience and insurance, and for many thats well worth it.

    im glad i found a directed unit for $50 shipped though. i already have a hu, and i like having that. i couldnt imagine paying $200 just to add HDradio and nothing else... this unit sounds a nice for people that dont run hu's though.

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    I'm kinda of torn here between the price and USB audio and stable performance ..
    Will this tune to frequencies like 100.6 or 104.2 ?

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