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Thread: VOD10PS2 In-Vehicle PS2 and Video Player from Sony and AUDIOVOX

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    VOD10PS2 In-Vehicle PS2 and Video Player from Sony and AUDIOVOX

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    The VOD10PS2 is the first integrated PS2 and Video System for vehicles. The dual use system cuts down on installation costs and complicated wiring. The price is $849.00 and includes a 10.2" overhead screen, 2 wireless controllers, 2 games and one universal remote and the VOD10PS2 is available in stores now. You can connect other forms of content easily to this device.

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    What a waste of money. For $255 you can get a massive 19 inch screen. Buy a PS2 for $100.00, and the controllers for maybe $50.00 a piece. So $455.00 total and you get more. The remote will be maybe $25.00. So total $480.00. Installing a roof mount screen isnt so easy either. No matter what it takes alot of time, at least 2 hours to do it correctly.
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