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Thread: Visteon Touchscreen Proximity Sensor - CES 2010

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    Visteon Touchscreen Proximity Sensor - CES 2010

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    Visteon demo'ed proximity sensors, where the only buttons you are looking for light up. If you wave your hand, these controls will light up and allow you to modify your settings. The buttons are haptically active, allowing the screen to register clicks and can be programmed by the user. When the vehicle is off, the screen will turn black and will not be noticeable.

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    I saw this on the store page or whatever. It looks pretty sweet, but quite a ways off in the future.

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    It was INCREDIBLY temperamental...only about a third of the people that tried to use it in the demo's I saw could actually get it to respond correctly.

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    Yeah the demo looks like they ONLY have a proximity sensor in it, turning on and off LED's - I seriously doubt any of those features they were describing will come to light anytime soon.

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    Not sold on this setup at all.....

    I am not sold on that being any better than having the controls on all of the time. Quite the opposite actually.

    You have to wave your hand, wait a second while watching the screen for the controls to light up, nope, not the controls I wanted, move your hand, area lights up, nope not that one, move your hand, aha there is the button I wanted!

    This seems far more distracting, in my opinion, then just having the controls there at all times.
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    Just another example of a stupid gadget. If I were driving a car with that thing I would be more likely to cause an accident because I'd be searching around for buttons. In a car with a typical dashboard you look at dash to find a button BEFORE you go and press it, not the other way round.

    If they made them light-up permanently while ACC/IGN is on, then that's a different story... I'd like that.

    How on earth do those projects even get to the planning process?!?

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