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Thread: Lilliput UM-80/C/T USB powered touch screen

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    Lilliput UM-80/C/T USB powered touch screen

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    Sean from mp3Car outlines the features of the new Lilliput UM-80/C/T USB powered touch screen. One cable does it all: power, video signal, and touch interface control. The monitor can be used with both Mac and PC platforms. HD movies appear smoother on a Mac platform. However, PC drivers for this monitor include more functionality including more calibration features, and a touch without moving curser feature.

    Buy the Lilliput 8 Inch USB Touch Screen UM-80/C/T.

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    Now that review was much more informative than the previous one re: the mimo usb display, thanks.

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    So which has a nicer screen, Lilliput or Mimo?

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