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Thread: Apply for mp3Car Innovation Grant

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    Apply for mp3Car Innovation Grant

    For some time now, mp3Car moderators have been awarding Innovation Grants to community members that are working on an interesting project or product. The goal of the grant is to support innovation among mp3Car forum members.

    We have just created a forum for the mp3Car Innovation Grant where any community member can post about what they are doing, or link to other threads on the forum or elsewhere, and let the moderators know what product or software they could use to further their work.

    The grant is awarded monthly, for a maximum of $100 including shipping. You can request any product or software; it does not have to be something sold on the mp3Car store. From time to time, the grant will be slightly larger.

    If you are working on something interesting, just post about it in this forum and let us know what we can do to help you advance your work. To get an idea of past grants, you can check out the wiki article.

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    interesting. i like that idea
    I may have to call up my friends, and see what we can inovatively think of.

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    Can a forum member use this thread to sponsor a specific innovation. For example, I'm willing to sponsor someone develop a USB interface for both BoomzBox and XM that also has audio over USB for both controllable via Ride Runner - $100.

    There are several other innovations I'm willing to sponsor because I either don't have the equipment to build or expertise to program. I think this could be a great way to link the thinkers with the tinkerers. Probably need to establish guidelines for it to be fair, i.e., sponsors must deposit funds into an MP3Car coffer before announcing availability. Takers will have to demonstrate their ability to fullfill the task, etc. etc.
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    Why is the forum we are supposed to post to locked?

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    Fixed permissions issue in the original thread. Moved requests to that forum.
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