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Thread: Mp3Car & NASIOC Team Up To Drive Innovation

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    Mp3Car & NASIOC Team Up To Drive Innovation

    NASIOC and mp3Car team up to offer a contest on the NASIOC forums. The forum member to post the best DIY write-up about a car audio setup, install, build, or system design will win a free Lilliput EBY701-NP/C/T to begin their in vehicle computing project.

    See the NASIOC Contest Thread HERE.
    Get involved to see if you can claim the free Lilliput!

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    missed it

    hopefully I'll see the next one... this makes me almost regret my avoidance of NASTYOC.

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    Keep watching, we will certainly be doing another one with Nasioc at some point. We are looking for other car forums to partner with as well, so if anyone has a suggestion for a car forum for mp3Car to run a contest with, let me know!

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    You should talk to Kevin. He owns IWSTI, RS25 and a few other sites. Hope this helps.

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