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Thread: Directus - Convert After Market Radio to CarPC Box - SEMA 2010

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    Directus - Convert After Market Radio to CarPC Box - SEMA 2010

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    Sean Clark from mp3Car gets a preview of the Directus telematics box. This box will overtake your after-market OR OEM radio's nav port and give it a new UI that will extend your basic Nav's functionality.

    By using this box you actually get to read your SD card, browse the file system, play all kinds of files, see your backup camera, use radar, USB and tons of other accessories that your normal radio would not know how to work with.

    We will have a series of videos tomorrow about Directus and their the products as we are shooting video at SEMA 2010 today.

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    Wireless radar integration? I WANT THAT! Very cool, can't wait to try this, since all my installs already use OEM NAV,OEM SAT radio and OEM backup camera, I would love to use my nav screen for radar and laser jammer control in addition to that - and disable from the menu stuff I don't use.

    The fact that I can put the radar detector in the grille up front is a BIG bonus point for me.

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