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Thread: 2011 Ford "Digital" Fiesta Overfiew - SEMA 2010

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    2011 Ford "Digital" Fiesta Overfiew - SEMA 2010

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    Stephen Jenesen from mp3Car talks with Theresa from L&G. They have modified a 2011 Ford Fiesta to create what they call the "digial fiesta". It is an incorporation of a glossy red, circuit board-esque paint job along with some special hardware.

    This hardware happens to be an iPad, built right into the dash. In order to make room for this they have moved the HVAC up onto the ceiling.

    The goal of this car is bring the social media aspect of life into the vehicle.

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    Is Stephen Jensen a new guy?

    Anyways I will say again, it looks like someone smushed an ipad into there. It doesnt look like it should be there. Looks like the shifter will smash into very easily.

    i will say, what they did with the HVAC controls was very well done.
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