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Thread: Foryou Electronics Android Front End - CES 2011

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    Quote Originally Posted by justchat_1 View Post
    The funny part is this system is illegal to use or even have installed in at least a dozen states and quite a few entire countries.
    Do tell...

    As for the idea that it needs a frontend... this is a really bad idea. All of the current FE's use a proprietary plugin system. This would work on top of an already proprietary way to create applications on android. You end up confusing developers: "Which FE do I code for? Why do I have to learn android's SDK AND all these Frontends SDKs?"

    In the end you have just as screwed up of a community as we have now: a fragmented, sparse pockets of innovation but nothing compelling. You have people building their own frontends on android, people doing random plugins for them and nothing really working together to innovate. Every OEM will end up having their own set of apps/plugins that only work with their systems.

    If you want to use android, use android's infrastructure system to build apps. Making the icons on the homescreen bigger is a good start. Replacing the homescreen with something better that still uses android's already build infrastructure is a good idea.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tripzero View Post
    In the end you have just as screwed up of a community as we have now: a fragmented, sparse pockets of innovation but nothing compelling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by djfourmoney View Post
    The knock on Google Maps with Navigation is if you don't have a cell signal and find yourself off route, it can't pull from maps already in the phone's memory to re-route you. I personally don't see that as much of an issue especially near a major urban area. Out in even the dankest parts of America, you can still get GPRS cell and that's enough to provide Google Maps with information.
    As I have been following Android and looking at doing exactly this I'd like to show you the following because its not all bad.

    Other improvements include a compass mode, where the map will automatically orientate to your direction, and offline caching of certain areas

    Read more:
    What I would say is that I'd personally like the email side locakable but thats down to the OEM to make a good UI.


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