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Thread: They bet me I couldn't work squirrels and pinky toes into the new products. Suckers.

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    They bet me I couldn't work squirrels and pinky toes into the new products. Suckers.

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    I love the USB to mini-USB - better than the (battery & cap-less pre-LED) solar powered torch some decades back, or the cig-socket powered key heater to get into your own car when the locks have frozen.
    Of course that was all pre-USB and central locking and people were pretty dumb back then.
    I wonder if they'd fall for the USB to mini-USB PCB?
    They'd be too dumb to program the OBDlink SX to alarm & annunciate !

    If we print and cut out the USB to mini-USB pic, soak in saline, will it work? (Apparently the radio-impregnated magazine page didn't.)

    Pick & Punch.
    And a happy 1st April. (But that was yesterday from here.)

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    These new post fridays are pure genius i tell you Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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