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Thread: New touch-screen steering wheel interface increases safety and maximizes convenience

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    I don't know about you guys, but that would blind the hell out of me..... having a monitor directly dead smack in front of you?

    Most monitor installs that I see here are a couple of feet to the L or R, and is no more then a 7"-10" size.......this steering wheel monitor is way too big for being right in front of you, and without being distracted in any way?
    Plus.... how the hell are you going to wrap your hands/fingers around that steering wheel? One word, "FAIL".......Just my opinion.
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    anyone remember the guy that modded a cavalier with a lilliput in the center of the steering wheel?

    this reminds me of his build...

    i have been thinking about this a little more, and the screen being that big is almost too big:
    1. no way to wrap your fingers around the wheel.
    2. unless they figure out a way to get the image to appear stationary while rotating the wheel, turning is going to be hard to read the screen.

    i am thinking that some small touch screens embedded where the normal steering wheel controls would allow for both the expected standard controls that most want, plus the addition of active displays that could display some basic info, or change the functions of the buttons. all without disturbing the airbag, or creating something that changes the current shape of steering wheels...

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    I think its a nice idea but the HUD being on the windshield is just dangerous. Granted its not over the entire thing but still. "Oh look, i like this song" *Thump* "Woops, I think i ran over Jimmy." Being able to not have the HUD distract you or get in your way might be difficult. And even if its on the side, your then using your peripherals to look at the road, still not safe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by soundman98 View Post
    Unless they figure out a way to get the image to appear stationary while rotating the wheel, turning is going to be hard to read the screen.
    You just have to get into driving more, and rotate your head as you turn the wheel, and make vroom vroom sounds! LOL

    Seriously though... I think the idea of the screen in the center of the wheel is a bad idea. However a couple of touch pads, strategically placed where your thumbs normally rest, would be good. I mean, standard steering wheel volume, station buttons ect, do not rotate with the wheel, anyhow you shouldn't be trying to change a station anyways if you have the wheel cocked more that a few degrees!

    Just replace the location of the standard steering wheel buttons, with a couple of touch sensitive pads. Pressing and holding your Right thumb at the top to turn up the volume, swiping left and right for track selection and so forth. With technology today, I am sure the pad's could easily be curved and blend right in with the steering wheel, to not even notice that it is built in.
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    I don't think what we are looking at here and now is going to end up in vehicles. I see this as being the first step in the eveloution of what could become the product that vehicle manufacturers may want to put in their vehicles. There are a number of reasons that make me think this way.

    1/ It is too big.
    2/ You can't grip the steering wheel properly.
    3/ Steering wheel airbags can fracture wrist bones so it will break if the airbag goes off adding extra cost.
    4/ When it breaks there is the added risk of injury due to shards of acrylic.
    5/ How bright is this thing at night? Too bright IMHO.

    If this evolves into a HUD instead I think this would be a great addition to my car. Haven't military aircraft had HUDs for some time now? I don't think a HUD would be more distracting than a GPS unit or audio system or a touchscreen carputer. After all, your gaze is still directed ahead with a HUD, its just that your eyes are focused on the HUD not on the road ahead. This means that, because it is in your field of vision, if something happens in front of you it is more likely to catch your attention than if your gaze was directed down to a screen on your steering wheel or audio system or a GPS unit.

    My humble opinion,

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    Military HUDs have been in for decades.
    Although many DIYers have used simple speedo HUDs, they lack the non-annoyance of aircraft HUDs etc. (Cars etc undergo much higher foreground change & focus.)

    HUDs in cars can be useful as a (silent) alarm attractor - eg, oil pressure, temp etc - but a dash can do that well.

    So it does reduce to speed & route info. Route reduced to distance and direction (8 direction arrows?) should be simple enough to implement (a ~3-digit LED plus 8 for direction).

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    This is a step in the wrong direction for user interfacing todays infotainment systems. If it's not going towards voice commands, then it's the wrong direction. Visual distractions and taking your hands off the steering wheel are both not ideal. Silly Germans.

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