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Thread: Hardware Review: Car/Droid Double Din All In One Car Multimedia System

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    There is a good thread going on over here about discussion of this model and the updated model.

    I decided to order one. Hopefully I'll get it next week sometime if I'm lucky.

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    Here are video reviews of the Ca Fi:

    Credit goes to zr2ee for posting these videos on Youtube. I asked him a few questions and from what I've researched so far, this seems to be a solid unit and most closely matches what I want to do.

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    Didn't see this thread until the spammer above brought it back to life.

    This is something really interesting but why are they pushing for an included tablet. It'd be way sweet if you could use a few different off the shelf variations.

    Hmmm, a few more years until what I posted back about 2 years ago comes true?

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