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Thread: What would the mp3Car community like to see at CES 2012?

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    I guess CES was lame this year cause y'all didn't put anything up as in previous years.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chris350 View Post
    I guess CES was lame this year cause y'all didn't put anything up as in previous years.
    According to many it was a down year on nearly all accounts. There was some fairly big news in terms of the smartphone market with the Galaxy Note and Droid 4 being out in the wild. Nothing really that new in the car audio world that i noticed. The Car PC world is getting some new material with the Parrot Asteroid 2Din and single din android powered systems. There were a few new devices in the vehicle security arena which like the Connect2Car unit I reviewed use cell networks to provide security and vehicle tracking services. But overall, there was nothing that jumped out as "brand new tech".

    I can tell you that I was most impressed by the innovations that ford has made to there in car entertainment and telematic systems. The new version of Sync is butter smooth, voice commands are now done via Nuance voice recognition technology, and they continue to add more of the mission critical components to their dash system. They have come a LONG way. Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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