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Thread: GPS Review: Comparing the BU-353 with the new BU-353 S4 edition

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    GPS Review: Comparing the BU-353 with the new BU-353 S4 edition

    Looking for a new USB GPS device for your car PC installation? Check out this video on the latest entry from USGlobalSat, the BU-353 S4 and see how it compares to the forum favorite, BU-353.

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    Thanks for the review!

    My original 353 has been very unreliable at getting and maintaining a signal lock as of late. I'm hoping an upgrade to this new one will improve things. Would you consider this the best one out there at the moment, with price as an included factor? I'm using Centrafuse with Copilot Live on Win7 32bit...

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    Nice review, Sonic. Looks like I might have to pick one of the new ones up.

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