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Thread: The Android Head Unit Build - Touchscreen Setup

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    Quote Originally Posted by masr1979 View Post
    That's the Odroid U2 though. Sonicxtacy02, how the heck do you go about upgrading to 1.7.1? Fastboot? Recovery? I'm really trying to get away with not getting that uart right now. Glad to see the project is coming along
    Hi masr1979: UART module is not needed for OS upgrade. First you have to upgrade to 1.6 then you can upgrade to 1.7(.1). All the steps are described on the official download site (I did it last week (I have a U2)).

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    Yea as komorg mentioned, the update procedure has changed for 1.7. You now need to download the update file ON the ODROID-X2, save it to a folder on the SD card (sorry don't remember what the folder is called and hardkernels link is currently done), then go into android settings and do a software update. This new update procedure should work out better in the long run. I still haven't done it though.

    Little snag on the build... I put all of the components on the double DIN radio cage, was going to power up the board to test JUST before I put it in the car, and now the Lilliput 669 has the dreaded white screen of death . Luckily I have another one in my car now, so i'll just have to swap it out. NO clue why the Lilliput died it hasn't even been powered on in over a week.
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    Okay, thanks for the info guys. For the life of me I can't find that info anywhere on their forums... well more so because they seem to be down currently. Sucks about the screen, I have not had too much luck with screens either. Think I've gone through 3 of them. Very happy with the current samsung led screen I have though, even in direct sunlight I can see what I'm doing, as opposed to the lilly lcds.

    *edit* Ok, so just found the info on the hardkernel main site, not the forums*edit*

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    A possible alternative to Lilliput...

    I have my eye on the open-frame version of this screen but it is not available yet...
    It has capacitive touch, ambient light sensor, audio decoding from HDMI to 2.5mm phono plug, ....
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