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Thread: MP3CAR great replacement service

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    MP3CAR great replacement service

    I see alot of negative comments in this forum section but i just want to input my positive experience with them

    I ordered 3 things from them:
    -Cooler Master EEB-N41SS-01 CPU Fan
    -P4-12V to P4-12V Cable
    -Intel D201GLY2 Little Valley with 1.33 GHz Celeron Processor

    ordered on the 21st of Jan. and got it on the 23rd.

    Only problem i had was they sent me the D201GLY instead of the D201GLY2 which was the older version of the board.

    So i immediately called them to notify the problem. The rep i spoke with was very polite and knowledgeable. He apologized for the inconvenience and told me he would ship me the correct board along with a prepaid UPS label so i can ship the old board back. He also assured me that it would arrive the next day.

    I received the board promptly on the next day and shipped the old board back. Fairly painless process compared to other online stores i've dealt with.

    Now that's quality customer service! I would definitely purchase from mp3car store in the future!

    BTW, thanks for hosting this awesome forum!

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    Quote Originally Posted by maniaxzero View Post
    Now that's quality customer service! I would definitely purchase from mp3car store in the future!
    These types of positive experiences are what makes a good company into a great one.

    Like you said, there are a lot of posts created about negative experiences. So many people are quick to make a big fuss when they have a negative experience. The negative comments are what everyone sees.

    No one ever sees all the good things that go on. HIGH FIVE to you for posting about the great service you recieved from the MP3car store!

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