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    Mixed Review

    So far I've had a couple of experiences. I bought some stuff, paid for express processing and 2nd day shipping and received the package the next day. Nice!

    However, a few weeks ago I called the guys at on the phone hoping to find out a little about the CarPC market since I work for Harman (JBL Infinity and Harman Kardon) and since we don't have any visibility of this market outside the several forums. I was curious to see if any of our products (either current or future) might make sense for some of you and if there were any specific needs that we could fill and what the opportunity might be. No one called me back.

    Andy Wehmeyer
    Product Marketing Manager
    Harman Consumer Group
    Mobile, Portable and Companion Products Division
    [email protected]

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    Mp3Car receives phone calls daily from vendors such as yourself. Please feel free to email marketing material to the store and we will digest this information.

    Generally however, we rely upon the forum users and our customers to suggest the products that we should carry.

    Thanks for shopping Mp3Car!

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    I guess I was looking for something a little more collaborative. We constantly propose new products for development and I'm curious about the size of the opportunity for products that might be designed specifically for use with Car PC--especially VST and soundcard related stuff, USB enabled DSP, etc. I can't go anywhere with any proposal without an estimate of the market size and there's almost NO market research done on in-car computing.

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