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Thread: Not feeling the customer service - Just TERRIBLE

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    Not feeling the customer service - Just TERRIBLE

    [Barkley]TERRIBLE, just TERRIBLE[/Barkley]

    I need a very simple thing done, reactivate the software I purchased from after a drive I got from them failed and I had to wait 45 days for a new one to reinstall everything.

    Now I sent a few emails until I got a response. Great, I think as it seemed like the person knew what was up, so I sent my Hardware codes and waited for the activation codes. Well... I just got an email with what I though would be my activation code. NO! It was an email informing me that my invoice has been sent to my original email address. WTF would I need my invoice for ??? Did I ask for it? NO. I just need somebody to take 2 minutes and email me an activation code!!!

    It seems like there are multiple people working there and having a chain of emails is just impossible.

    Now I have a roadtrip this Friday and need my Nav to work.
    If somebody has a direct number to them please PM me as this is ridicules. I can't believe I spent so much money at this store and recommended them to so many people.

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    Perhaps your invoice had your serial number or whatever on it? I can understand mistaking a serial number for an activation code.

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    My bad,
    I just realized that today's email came from the sales@ department (yesterday's email came from the store@ address).
    So I guess the wait is still on.
    I'm just irritated since I work for the government's IT department and I'm used to very short turn-around times on everything and when something takes over 24 hours it just gets under my skin LOL

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    This occurred because Mp3Car is no longer registering activation codes - you will need your invoice as Chuck (aka God of CPU) may ask for it - please send your request to:

    I am sorry for the confusion and your delay - we have posted this information multiple places, but many people have had to be redirected.


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    I finally received an email today stating the above.
    I knew that mp3car no longer sold SD but I was hoping they would still be able to activate it or at least contact the right person, since it's who I bought it from.
    My issue is mostly with the email-only support. What could have taken 5 minutes on the phone took 2 days over email, and just to let me know that I should go somewhere else.
    Now I have to wait another 2 business days to get a response from DigitalWheelz which is cutting it close as I'm hitting the road on Friday. (and last time I tried activating it with mp3car it took much longer than the 24 hours promised)

    Also, I just noticed that the website update it's page last night with the info I was looking for this weekend (contact regarding reactivation)

    thanks again,

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    Hi, the correct email address is actually

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