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Thread: MP3 Car support lacking?

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    Quote Originally Posted by WuNgUn View Post
    When I bought the M4, and had issues with it, they didn't want anything to do with it...they sent me to deal with the manufacturer instead. I thought that was kinda lame...
    We had a 30 day return policy on ituner product. that has now been extended to 365 days from the order date on ituner and Lilliput product only. All other items, unless specifically stated have a 30 day warranty.

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    Thanks for the reply Fiberoptic, and appreciate your effort in going through all your spam folders etc to find my emails.

    I will order direct from mp3car.

    Rum injected!

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    - no software yet, but soon to be installed!

    New Car PC in progress for the new car!

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