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Thread: MP3Car shipping method

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    MP3Car shipping method

    can mp3car ship any other method other than UPS?
    UPS standard to canada is $30 + brokerage fee, which is extremely expensive and slow, and the next option is $100 for UPS express.

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    Hi Punky,

    We've recently discontinued the use of USPS shipping as we've had an ongoing problem with packages going missing and have experienced a general decline in USPS customer support for these lost packages. UPS provides a nicer service, getting the merchandise to you more quickly and with tracking the entire way. Basic insurance is also included.

    Unfortunately, this does make shipping a bit more expensive, but the risk assumed by the customer by uninsured international shipping is mitigated.

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    I have not purchased anything from you guys since the shipping change. UPS is a horrible carrier for Canada with unexpected costs. You are no longer competitive. Just giving constructive feedback
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    I don't like the fact they are using another shipper on the west coast to ship to Ontario (International) so it goes from their office in MD to WA then to kentucky (UPS hub)then to windsor. what a waste of everything fuel, time and money and also a customer. Unfortunatly they have forced me to source my parts elsewhere. SNO

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