Forum Rules

I. Purpose or Mission Statement
A. Website is the parent site of all the mp3car sites. The main page has rotating news and information about the vehicle computing world.
B. Store
The store is where you can purchase hardware and softwre for your vehicle computer.
C. Forums
The forums are for discussion of various topics related to vehicle computing.
D. Wiki
The wiki is an educational document meant to aid new members of the vehicle computing hobby. It is a public document, and all members are encouraged to add and edit the wiki with new and updated information.
E. StreetDeck website
Streetdeck is a front-end software designed for in-car use by the team. is where you can find news and information about the software.

II. Forum Rules
A. Forum Leadership
1. Administrators
The administrators of this forum work for full time. They are long time CarPC hobbiests who have turned their passion for In Car Computing into a business. In addition to spending time on these forums, they maintain their other responsibilities outside of the forum with the company. Any detailed questions pertaining to the forum, the store, or StreetDeck in general, should be directed towards them.

  • Zip-Lock - Forum Administrator - Store Manager - Any store issues should be directed towards Nat WIlson (Zip-Lock).
  • FiberOptic - Forum Administrator - Company CEO - Any inquiries into the company should be directed towards Rob Wray (FiberOptic).