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Thread: I vote for FAQ-type thing also

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    I vote for FAQ-type thing also

    I think we need some kind of database to keep specific information categorized. Things like various brands and models of inverters, displays, gps hardware, etc. And then a place where users can tell about their experiences of using the stuff. Kind of like
    Or in my my case, I thin it would be useful to have some kind of database about paints and glues that people have found appropriate for interior car use. I know very well that nearly half or more of the money I've spent doing my project so far has been spent 'trying' things to do what I need to do. It would be fantastic to just be able to click 'power supplies' and get a few opinions on some of the models that are available, problems users may have had, how they fixed them, or what they eventually got to replace it. Sure, someone can search, and that's fine. But not everyone wants to weed through 500 messages on a certain topic to find a pinout, etc.

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    Sounds a good idea, but it require a fair bit of work to create.
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    damnit, my server is being goofy... i'll look at it after work.

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    I'm also for a FAQ Tips and Tricks howtodo database - some questions come back every time like for example how do i glue plexi or how do i make my own case etc etc . So why not a database where users can submit kind of manual's howtomake this and that ... ??

    In my eyes a good idea also for newbies
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