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Thread: Please use this forum to comment on the good and the bad of the Mp3Car Forums.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caelric View Post
    heh! No, I want them to support it. But if they don't support it, I do support truth in advertising, and moving the SD forum to the "No-Longer_Supported" forum is more than fair, and more than true.

    That is the most valid point yet.

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    Talk about a pandoras box......

    Forum suggestions..... seprate the conmercial aspect from the forum its self - allow other suppliers to advertise here and let others post about them with out been moderated.

    I wont go over the SD issue but its clear that you 'the mp3car business part' have some serious CS issues there.

    If you want any other comments please refer to the mods sections where I was spoken about at length after saying the wrong thing and where you will find links to the posts on my previous seperation 'suggestions'.

    Other than that whats this sposed to be for then ? At least the mods know goes where......


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