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Thread: Logo At The Top Of The Screen

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tidder View Post
    They'll get it someday. I've got faith.

    not if they keep using WordArt in MSWord instead of a proper editing software.

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    They can't even change the blue stripey lines to black!!?? wtf?

    I wasn't going to comment but...I can't sleep any longer

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    Quote Originally Posted by john1701 View Post
    had to disable blocking to see what all the fuss is about and OMG had to re-enable blocking. my 6 yr old nephew can make something better! WOW WTF There are how-to's on making stuff like that.
    I remember MP3Car had some kind of sale and replaced the banner with a advetisement for the sale. After the sale was over that ugly banner showed up. Someone was to lazy to put the original picture back, or worse, deleted it and made that quick logo to fill in the gap, lol.
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    paint... ya!

    1 minute.

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    turn the R's around. Then it would be in the competition.
    At least with yours, people aren't going to

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    well id hope people would realize to click the banner before trying to type in the url

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    lol and I thought my browser was messing up. lol I fixed it though. I changed the forum skin to the Fluid one has the old banner from a month or 2 ago.
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