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Thread: Can we get a forum devoted to input devices?

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    another vote
    - 3+ years & still no carputer!
    - Done collecting parts
    - Currently planning setup

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    Z A N G ! ! !


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    I'm in

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    Thumbs up Another vote for new forum

    The way I look at it is: If you build this amazing computer system for your vehicle and buy the clearest screen for GPS and MP3 titles, but can't control it worth a damn, what's the point? Sure a keyboard + mouse works well when sitting still, but when driving an easy to use control interface is needed so that your attention is not on the screen, but on the road!

    I'm sure most of you feel this way as well. So clearly, I vote yes for a dedicated forum.
    Josh Karger
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    Following the route of the car manufacturers would work well for you.
    A lot of the high end demo units at CES were still sporting big chunky buttons, as lets face it when barreling down the highway, you tend to stab at the button.
    I remember from my Pioneer HU that I knew where eveything was that I needed without looking for it. If there was a menu structure it was simple to navigate.
    Buttons are a better input method than a touchscreen for those reasons. However, a touchscreen gives you much more flexibility, and hey it looks cool too. The only problem is that as there is no texture to the sreen, without BIG button's for each menu, say 9 on the xenarc, you dont know too well where you without looking.

    My 2 pence


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