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Thread: What are popular vehicle specific online communities?

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    LX Forums - LX platform cars, Chargers, Magnums 300s and Challengers ( LC platform but so close no one cares)

    Challenger Talk - new gen Dodge Challenger forum
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    Westminster, MD
    2,127 - all centered on third gen gm f body cars
    "stop with the REINSTALLS, what do you think we got some lame-o installer!!!" - mitchjs
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    Keswick,On Canada

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    I guess I should represent. Subaru WRX STi.

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    I guess I'm obligated to plug my favorite one in here:

    It's mainly for the Mazda6, but we've got some Miatas, some 3s, an Accord, and various other cars on there. When they say community, they mean it. It's not just a forum to talk about's like a second family. Most of the members know each other and have formed friendships. Some have met in real life, and some haven't, but with some of these people, you feel like you have known them your whole life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wi77iam View Post
    I guess I should represent. Subaru WRX STi.
    Pfff... NASIOC if you're gonna Subaru.

    VWVortex is huge and pretty much all german brands (focus on VW, Audi)

    Bimmerforums is obv BMW

    Hondatech is huge, but if it costs more than $15 or can't be purchased at a pep boys, they're usually not interested.

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    Quote Originally Posted by malcom2073 View Post - all centered on third gen gm f body cars
    Another thirdgener? We never leave our cars alone.

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    Colorado, but Canadian!
    10,053 -- Pretty obvious -- All Lexi (Lexuses) -- All Honda Civic generations. (Was for 7th gen, but then grew to all later)
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    naioa - north american impala owners association
    Former author of LinuxICE, nghost, nobdy.
    Current author of Automotive Message Broker (AMB).
    Works on Tizen IVI. Does not represent anyone or anything but himself.

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