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Thread: Firefox lists mp3car as attack page!

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    Firefox lists mp3car as attack page!

    as stated in the title, firefox is telling my that mp3 car has been reported..

    so i am forced to use ie..

    as i am typing this, i noticed that the wrap tags(youtube,url, and wiki)are not displaying icons... not sure if it is related.

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    This is happening to me as well. I cleared my history and cookies, but no luck.

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    Same here, OUCH!

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    Attempt #2 (**)


    Firefox - Tools - Options - Security - Uncheck "Block Reported Attack Sites".
    (No restart needed; do before posting on mp3car.)

    Unfortunately I found out "ignore this warning..." no longer fully overrides.... I lost my reply to hardware-development/143570-diy-self-powered-usb-hub-possible-new-post. Grrr!

    (Thanks again & izu!)

    ** I got to ... Uncheck "Blo... when my PC cut out. Twice. (Mains failure; no UPS).

    Conclusion - mp3car is attacking. It must be using one of those zappers I was told of years ago.... (quoting someone else) "This bloke can send a 240V zap from Australia to USA... it's true - I've seen it!". I'm unsure if it was using a satellite link or optic fibre, though is was so long ago it might have been coax. LOL!

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    Google is reporting the same

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    same with chrome but at least i can ignore it.
    English is not my first language so if I say something weird just say it to me and i try to be clearer :) :)

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    I'm getting the same in Chrome. THink this happened once before couple years ago.

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    *Noted. Looking into it.

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    Why Site It's Been Flagged As "Attach Page"

    I know that probably this is not the best section for this post but I wasn't sure where to place it on.
    I wonder if the site has been compromised or is a bad joke from some malicious people.
    While doing a Google search for a mini-itx motherboard the result of came up with the flagging the site as Attack Page. Then going directly to the site with my Firefox it happened as well. I was only to get through with Safari on my MAC laptop. From same MAC laptop if using Firefox I'm getting the same BIG RED flag.

    I'm trying to upload an image taken from my browser that show the BIG RED warning, but the site buttons aren't working either. The top menus looks weird as well.

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