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Thread: can the "code boxes" go FULL width of screen?

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    Exclamation can the "code boxes" go FULL width of screen?

    I know this has been brought up before, but is there ANY way this can be fixed? It is really a pain when trying to read something, and you have to scroll left and right, left and right, left and right with the slider, inside of the code area.

    The code area is already full width of the browser, just that the text itself does not go the full width as well.

    It seems that the code box is "hard coded" to 600 pixels wide. I am not sure if this is a table, CSS or what, but with tables for example, you can simply tell it you want the table width to be 100%, instead of a pixel count, and it will go the width of the browser, regardless of what resolution the users screen is set to.

    If it has to be hard coded, maybe make it wider at least. Looking at screen resolution statistics from my website, .4% of people are browsing the web at 640 x 480 (What the code boxes seem to be accommodating as of now). more than 85% are set to wider than 1024 pixels.

    Here is an example, copied from another post, to show what I am talking about:

    1-create a folder Scripts\HungGame under your skin folder
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    I often cut&paste when that's an issue - usually notepad++ ( - especially if I want to edit to check since it comes feature packed with many languages - as in scripting (as well as cultural), plus simple syntax checks (bracket pairs etc).

    Alas it lacks hidden text, though I might check the newer version just in case...
    (When I was a *NIX SysAdmin, I'd use MS Word for documentation which also contained scripts. The OverLord-Only secret stuff could be included in the coding/scripting as hidden text - it would not copy when cut&pasting into vi, edlin or other editors. It could also substitute for CVS, SubVersion etc.)

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    Its a table hard coded to 640px... thanks to google chrome I can tell you changing 640px to 100% (bbcode style block from css) makes everything look perfect.

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