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Thread: Problems with new Forum? Post Here!

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    Another example of missing images

    Here is another example or a missing image attachment. The image no longer shows up, but you can see a large empty area where it should be displayed.

    The image is supposed to be in the first post:


    Also, on another note in the above thread, look at post #3. There is a large amount of white space for some reason, it is not to allow all the stuff on the left, as post #4 is half the height of post #3.

    EDIT AGAIN: Scroll up to post #54, you can see a lot of white space in that post as well... like 10 or so Chr$(13)'s or CRLF's Compare that to post #58 and that is the way it should look, with out all of the extra CRLF's or whatever is causing it.

    The darker BG color for the stickies is MUCH better! Thank you!
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    Missing images and download link

    Well done with the migration! Looks different good not different bad. Noting the amount of baggage it is not surprising that some of it has ended up in different places.
    The .net mobile phone ( RR plugin is one example it is missing the down load link and some images on the first page.
    Again well done if you would have had no issues, now that would have been remarkable.
    Thanks for your work,


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    Quote Originally Posted by Blue ZX3 View Post
    On a side note, before there was a quicker way to get to this User CP via the action bar on the old forum, but now?

    Again thanks...
    Uh, what? There's a button at the very top of every screen to the right of your username called "Settings" - takes you directly there.
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    ah good old Internet Brands, they really have f'ed up vBulletin.

    This is why on the forum I run, we're on 3.8.5 and staying there until XenForo is up to speed and then we're jumping the VB ship.

    If you were on 3.8x before, I seriously would have stayed put, 4.x is loaded with bugs.

    btw, I still get a blank page when I try an view a PM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by optikalefx View Post
    Can you give me some links?
    I check that google earth plugin post and there are no images attached to it. Not even in the old database.
    Maybe we had a 2nd attachment system...

    This thread RRGas

    There should be an image attachment in the first post, post #3 had at least 2 possibly 4, and post #4 and 1.


    In this thread there are some images missing, you can see where they are by the little missing image gif.

    have a look at the links, because then links were to attachment images in the related threads.

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    Searching seems to be buggered up, I have been reading stuff here for the last few weeks, today I wanted to mess with my sound card drivers, I had read about the kxproject, looked it up in my history and nothing....

    So I used the search function, nothing... tried a different phrase or two, same result tried searching for simple stuff like "wiki" "radio" etc, nothing. Went through advanced search, used kx project, yipee one hit returned, clicked on the hit, nothing.

    Most (probably all) pre-upgrade history links no longer work, I don't know about bookmarks, don't have them.

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    Ok so here is the attachment situation

    Before 3.0.0 RC1, we stored attachments for each user in a sub folder named after that user's userid. This resulted in us having X folders for X users with attachments. Some systems couldn't cope when this number exceeded 32,768 so we altered this method for 3.0.0 RC1. Now each digit of the userid is made into a directory, i.e. userid 568 gets her attachments stored in /path/5/6/8. To use the new setting you must move all of your attachments back into the DB and then move them back out to the FS. This is the only way to 'activate' the new option.

    So... I have to move 6 gigs of attachments into the database, then back into the file system.
    So the system will be slow while i do this.

    im starting now.

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    I am getting debug information at the bottom of each page.
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    I'm having problems changing my password...

    To change my password I go to CP and then to "Edit Email & Password". It then asks me to provide the new password and then confirm this new password a second time. After doing that I press "save changes" and I get this message:
    The password you have entered does not match your current one. Please press the back button, enter the correct details and try again. Don't forget that the password is case sensitive. Forgotten your password? Click here!
    So where do I type in my current password? I only see the two fields for inputing the new password...
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