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Thread: Classifieds posting discrepancy

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    Classifieds posting discrepancy

    Good day. I keep getting the message saying that I'm unable to post in the classifieds. I looked at the post at the top of the page explaining why, but I'm still not sure that everything is copacetic. The reasoning is that there have to be a certain number of posts achieved to make sure you're not a spammer/defrauding fellow members. In the classifieds section, w/in the past 2 months, here are a smattering of people that have less posts, have been members for about the same period of time or shorter than I, who have posted to the Classifieds section.

    BCasey - Joined Sep 2008/90 posts

    Copter, Joined Dec 2007/48 posts


    Creative0Mind, Joined Jan 2008, 95 posts


    delturcious, Joined Oct 2006, 1st and only post!!

    ivan84gt, Joined March 2008, 1st and only post!!

    When I tried to use the "Forum" > "Contact" method to reach someone about this, I rec'd the same message as I receive when trying to post to the Classifieds section. Can anyone shed any light on any of this for me? I'm reduced to having my for sale items in my sig, and I have a lot of stuff I'd like to try and part with here as opposed to using Feebay. Thanks!
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