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Thread: Disable auto links?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryven View Post
    If I had to hazard a guess, I'd say it has to do with funding for the website and is one of the reasons this site remains free to it's users... sadly, this means any financial benefit from these autolinks would be gone if this was turned off and could affect the website itself
    The auto-links go to the mp3car wiki, not an advertiser. So, I don't think it has anything to do with funding...
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    oh... in that case, WTF. Make that junk optional!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sebberry View Post
    Sometimes people turn words into links when they're linking to outside sites.

    It is now harder to differentiate between a wiki link and a link that poster created.

    The links users create or are created automatically form urls are a different colour to the automated wiki links.

    Also, originally the wiki links were going to have little popups instead of the links. I think having the links is much better and less intrusive.

    It was also mention about user configurability on them, but if we had that most people would turn them off and forget about them, and then we would have a lot more useless questions which could have been answered by the wiki.

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    Any update on the ability to turn off these auto links?

    They're annoying to look at, mostly useless and confusing.

    For example, when someone posts "Take a look at the video" and "video" is a link, I click it expecting to see a video, not some Wiki page.

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