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Thread: I'm aware the forum is messed up

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    Chrome has been blank every so often within the past 3 days I noticed... I haven't tested in IE or FF though, as I don't really use them. Next time it does I'll check just in case. Working right now atm though, so hopefully with a javascript bug you found, it should be fixed!
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    You guys really need to ditch crappy vbulletin or learn to code properly.

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    Ie and chrome no workie. This is frustrating. I know it is for you too but every other time I come to the forum it doesn't work.

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    Although I haven't isolated the problem, I believe the scripting should be investigated. When disabling scripting from (and leaving enabled), the forum pages load. As a consequence, however, some features such as the Top 10 Stats do not function.

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    Trust me, It's very frustrating. I'm having to check the forum every hour. I know technically what's going on, but so far neither nor I have figured out what is causing it. We've ruled out a cron job at this point.

    I don't think the scripting is the issue, because the fix is to just reload the main header_include template. Something every 8 or so hours is causing the header_include template to switch to mobile. But just that one.

    If you find anything else like that, keep letting me know. It all helps.

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    Seems to be working fine now. So I'm all happy about that.

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    I did get this error with IE, but not anymore,....... If this helps any.

    FF and Chrome seem to be working ok. No problems so far.
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    I'm getting blank page in all browsers (ff, chrome, ie, Dolphin) on phone and desktop PC, and on home internet and my phones 4G connection. Yet i'm able to load the site through This is weird.

    And it works in tapatalk.

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