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    Originally posted by MP3DUB
    Hard to explain, but people post links to stuff they find on ebay. They usually post them in the appropriate tech forum, or in general harware. Sometimes they don't need it themselves, but someone else might.

    What if there was a forum just for ebay linkage. And maybe an applet that could track the auctions real time? Not for all of them, but if someone on the site staff spot a potentially hot item for little money, if a user alerts a staff member of something that hasn't been posted, they could be added to a "hot" auctions list which could track them.

    Things like screens, PSUs, inverters, touch pads, or a BMW Idrive knob that could maybe interfaced through Girder with some hacking, maybe even whole CarPC systems being tracked.
    That sort of thing.

    Unlike sales and trades, wouldn't have to be your auction, just something you've seen that might help a fellow member out
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    I see the old logo is back. Can you link the logo to the homepage instead of the forum's main page? You already have a link to the forum page right below the main logo why have another main forum link?
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