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Thread: "Car Audio (Non-PC)" subforum

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    "Car Audio (Non-PC)" subforum

    How about a subforum for discussing headunits, amps, speakers and such? I have some questions and I don't want to have to look for a different forum and then try to figure out who's judgement to trust there. General car stereo fans aren't nearly as smart as the people around here.

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    I completely agree, I am new to the whole car audio thing, and have questions about whether or not I need an amp, or what to look for when testing speaker wires, etc. I think it would be a great addition to this forum, even if it is only a FAQ thread or something.

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    This is actually a good idea. I don't want the forums cluttered, but I think we need this one.
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    I think its a good idea.
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    Same here

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    Quote Originally Posted by frodobaggins
    I don't want the forums cluttered,
    I have actually had this idea for a while, but held off on requesting it for just that reason. After the wireless subforum was created, things did start to look a little crowded, but car audio is much more critical to a good mp3car setup than WIFI is, so I thought I'd throw it out there. IMHO, the 'general hardware' and 'general discussion' subforums are redundant, the latter one is largely ignored and both end up with similar posts, so there are places where space could be saved.

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    Maybe this forum is something you're looking for? > Car Audio

    Perhaps it's not very in-depth for generic car audio, but at least it does not carry the 'typical' car-audio forum signatures...

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    to quote Zip-lock in a dicussion last night, Car Audio is too broad for us.

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    I guess thats a no.
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    Well, I had the same question because I wasn't sure to post my subwoofer question except in offtopic. I think it would be OK to just start it and let it go wild...if it uses too much bandwidth or anything then just lock it down. Maybe something like a Newbie Car Audio forum, with a *YOU BETTER BE WORKING ON AN MP3 CAR* in the sub title...I think it would self-police, like how the screens forum is not flooded with people asking about what works as a PS2 screen.

    Maybe a "From Soundcard to Ears" section?
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