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Thread: Power supply sections

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    Power supply sections

    would it be possible to have a MK/sproggy PSU section (or is it too late now as there are so many posts). Also ones for OPUS, laptop power and some of the other types would be nice but i suspect it would be a lot of work to implement. It is just getting hard to find info about the mk4.5 etc.



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    Don't see any reason why the Hardware Devolopment section couldn't be used for this purpose.

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    Indeed - anything to help collate all the info on the MK/sproggy series would help I am sure. Maybe Mastero has a view as it's his PSU development (and i don't want to tread on his toes or anything)


    EDIT: although on second thoughts the sproggy seeems a bit advanced for the hardware development section as it is already pretty mature and people know to go tot he PSU section for it.

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    This is a good idea, there sould be sub-forums in the power supply forum. forums for the opus, Masteros MK series, shutdown controllers, inverters, etc...
    I think it would helps newbie out a lot.
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    I think this is a good idea but it would probably lead to sub forum requests for everything. i.e. lilliput, zenarc, epia.

    This may not necessarily be a bad thing but where does it end?

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