put a sticky in each frontend forum, with titles like "all about frodoplayer" or "mediacar website and info"... in the thread itself, you can put simple things like minimum requirements (ie: this requires 1600x1200 19" touchscreen, 5ghz cpu and 3 gigs ram and 1 TB hdd ), screen shots, links to relevant websites, build history, feature list, etc - basically an advert for each frontend, if you will.

why? so that if someone like me (who has only seen/heard of these frontends in peoples' signatures but never seen the frontends themselves) is trying to pick the right one for his/her particular setup, we don't have to dig for days through all the posts to find out what each one's like.

i figure this shouldn't be too hard to do. i expect most frontends have their own website out there somewhere, so even just a link to that site would be good enough.