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Thread: New Section...Skinny Boy

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    Post New Section...Skinny Boy

    Sorry Skinny, but i just cant resist since you have been the headline of several postings. That and there are over 100 posts just about you. If you do stick around, I think you deserve your own section where you can post whatever the hell you please...and no one will have to read it - but your posts will still be counted and you can have the award for most posts in a month (a very prestigious award to be taken very seriously. Its never been given out before. ooooohhhh) Can we all agree on this? Im working on a certificate and plaque right now - i just need some ducktape.
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    Originally posted by PoBoy:
    <STRONG>Im working on a certificate and plaque right now - i just need some ducktape.</STRONG>
    In addition to the plaque, I have half a broken toliet brush in the shed that one of you talented members could turn into a trophy?

    Project - GAME OVER :(


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