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Thread: Links to FAQS in the newbie section!?

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    Links to FAQS in the newbie section!?

    i dont know why they arent stickied there currently but just rephrase the faqs stickied at the top as:
    FAQS Please read these before posting.

    or from within the newbie subforum make a slight modification to the php that the 1st time you go to finish there is only the option to preview. after the preview in big letters can be a link to the faqs and a question that asks:

    did you search?
    yes posts the question
    no brings you to the faq forum

    im used to html not php so it might not be possible but if you were to create postthread and postthread2 and copy the sources to both edit them as mentioned and then link it to the newbie forum it might help

    it not about its really about making people take resposibility for thier post. as a business minded community time is money. posts are bandwidth plus in the faq section they see nice little hotlinks lilliput xenarc opus
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    hot links to topics covered in the faqs section would be nice, maybe highlighted in green or something, like Athlon M-mod

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