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Thread: Ebay Style Feed Back ?

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    Lightbulb Ebay Style Feed Back ?


    There seems to be a glut of fighting going on at the mo with at least two incidents I can think of this week in the for sale wanted area.....

    Can I suggest to help informed buying that you guys install the same add in the have done to allow Ebay style feed back to be given ?

    Its not going to stop it but it will help to have 'informed buyers'.....


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    i agree we use it on it works GREAT !!!

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    I second this also.
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    wait are you part of the problem?

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    agreed, feedback would be great.

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    this forum has gotten to a piont in members, and people visiting it, tht i think there should be step-ups like this one. No offense to the store, but the Classifieds section is big. It probably moves serious money. So this is a great idea to have the feedback. People need to know what/who they're dealing with.


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    856 uses a feedback system but it is not very high tech. It's nothing more than a thread with usernames that have successfully completed transactions. Admins add the user's name to the list and the number of successful transactions. It's probably more micro-managing than the admins here are willing to do, but over there it works. (Granted it's a small board with not as many users.)

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    I agree. I think it will help protect the members from some fly by night sellers who just join to take advantage of the large audience and quickly sell something and move on. These sellers are usually not concerned with rules if they can get away with it.
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