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Thread: Request for a torrent section.

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    Ahh f word.

    Try RevFE
    The best resurrected frontend I've ever used, period.

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    Did he give up?

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    I totally forgot about this...
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    It may not be right but I love navigating my pirate ship throughout the WORLD WIDE WEB! I've managed to find quite a few treasure chests in my sailing of the high IP's. I totally disagree with having a torrent section on this site because if you need to be spoonfed torrents than you should be purchasing the software in the first place. Personally, I buy software, but never before testing out a fully function version to decide weather or not I like it. Kinda like marrying a girl without ever having sex with her, you wouldn't do that now would you!
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    SOoooo...hmmmm what happend???

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    For real!!

    I'm still down to help moderate...


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    You know this is a good idea, there is nothing illegal got to do with the bit torrent process as long as the files (and users) are moderated. It will relieve some server stress and give an easy file sharing system for DIY videos and the sort. Im up for supporting a DC++ hub if anyone wants to do this, possibly there already is one?
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    there was one. CdRSkull ran it. I think he closed that account and hence killed the dc++ hub.
    I have thought of setting it up, but I don't have the time atm.
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    Quote Originally Posted by turbocad6 View Post
    with that atitude what's to inspire developers to investing huge time & resources to development? how many people you know that work for free?

    stealing is stealing, no matter how you "justify" it....
    there is plenty of sotware that can be made as a hobby, so that can be free.

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    the almighty dollar is what HOLDS SOFTWARE BACK. for example, EA makes games mostly for playstation. so when xbox came out, the world still suffered bad graphics and lameness because EA had exclusive rights with playstation.

    Don't rock stars still live on the beaches of Laguna or Malibu? Now you know how overpriced cd's and software is if they are STILL MAKING A PROFIT after all the downloading is going on.

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    What if we host them up on say like and post the links for a direct torrent download so you dont have to be a member. And post them in a forum section here. The torrrents would be linked by ethire admins, or by users that find the gear revilent to mp3car + abding by the rules, anything thats linked that donst apply with the rules just gets delted from here.?

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