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    Any you cleaver people out there thought of writing an E Book Guide to installing a car PC, wire gauge power supply's etc.
    I know all the information is all ready in this site and have found it invaluable.
    I just thought it would stop the same questions been asked over and over again.
    I have noticed how much this annoys people....
    You could sell it for a small amount and therefore raise money For this brilliant site.

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    Nothing still stop people from asking the same questions over and over again. Its just something we have to live with.

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    Maybe this E-book could be sent upon registration.

    And to be able to post you have to answer a question, for which the answer is in the book, before you can post.

    Excellent idea

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    The reason for my suggestion is from a newbie point of view.(which i am)
    I have found this site to be an excellent source of information.
    But also found it to be a bit bewildering at times because as a newbie sometimes you don't always know the best place to start.
    From a safety point of view i think a basic introduction to this great hobby might save some poor person frying his/her wiring harness or setting his vehicle on fire.
    Before i spent hours and hours searching on this site i didn't even know awg existed.
    I am now about to build my first start up/ shutdown controller..

    Keep up the good work.

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