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Thread: How Long Until Software Dev Forum Closes ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tostitos
    Re: In reading these pages SOMEWHERE I saw someone requesting a wiki / alternate forum. A decent sized vBulletin forum like this one only costs around $1000 USD per year to host. I'll set you guys up with something all your own or a wiki or whatever if you give me cash. I'll even put something other than the default skin on it.
    Sweet, can we access it from our dune buggy's in the middle of the desert? Just messing with ya

    Free file hosting, picture gallery hosting for installs, PM me.

    Internet's first Front End Skin browser, featured installs, downloads, links, informative articles - all free to registered users.

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    MMmmm - A while since I've been here ( just been asked to remove my sig again ) and found the posts with the Emails from mp3car admin have 'disapeared'....

    And now I have just received a warning from Zip lock... so much for not wanting to encourge other areas.


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    well, after i have read this whole post some conclusion i have made for myself

    In a last few month i have observed that the mp3car had commercialed more and more, that's their right to do so, since they are the guys who offer hosting and such.

    I have personally tested Streetdeck software which i have gotten from .... source. I like and dislike some of their features, there is no perfect front end software at this point, people do get a choice of which one they would like to use, i feel much more confortable with Frodoplayer for example, because i like iGuidance map software, rather than mappoint, which is commercially smart solution cause mappoint has one of the biggest database of map worldwide, not just north america.

    I totally agree that commercialing forum and community is wrong, that is why i would like to see streetdeck in appropriate category section.

    There are a lot of creative, and talented people in our community, and by commercializing forum, it jeopardizes its progress, instead of helping members, their ideas are being profited from, that would be unfair,

    English is my third Language,

    so i would like to apologize for grammar
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