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    Time Constraints...View Recent Posts

    I REALLY REALLY do not like how it does "view new posts." It should list all the recent posts within the last 24 hours and not reset on a specified hour. I just made a post like 20 minutes ago and it is already off the recent posts list. This was a problem with the old version too...I know. It does that for the "subscribed threads" in the CP. You have to click on "subscribed threads" to actually see them after time has passed. That, I dont mind too much.

    If there is a way to change the time constraints to the last 24 hours and not reset on a specified hour - that would be great. Many of us miss out on threads that are posted right before it resets. I dont always have time to search through every category, but i can atleast check once a day.

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    it goes according to your last visit time

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    that would be nice i think.... although for some comfort the posts that have gone for you since you checked it 20mins ago, the same will not be for a member who logged in say 1 day ago, so they wont miss your posts, etc.....
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