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    Due to a few recent posts I was wandering if it is worth having a disclaimer when you sign up saying that you won't reference any existing hardware products for your first 10 posts or so.

    There seems a lot of newbies recently whos first post reads "This would make a great in car mp3 player" And all of which seem to be met with negative responces.

    I have nothing agaist commercial distributers who whish to help, I think people like dscustoms, do a great job inproviding a win, win situation for all.

    It just seems very few people have worked out how to strick the correct balance.

    And you say people actually pay money for M$ Windows? (Does what it says on the URL) (The new car, with zero rust!) (My other site)
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    I agree. We used to have a problem with a canadian (he knows who he is, and since he has gotten much better I won't name him) posting almost daily about his commercial systems.

    he thought $3500 for a bookPC was a good deal, and kept trying to argue with everybody who knew where to get the components for less than $750.

    I sell systems, but I dont post ad's here for the pure and simple fact that I know that you know where to get the stuff and build it yourself. (BTW, I charge anywhere from $400-$2000 over cost for my systems)
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