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    Forum organization

    After scrambling to find some last minute information, I noticed one major flaw with these forums. We have too much great infofmation that is poorly organized. I see a lot of the newbies getting flamed for not searching, etc... but all too often searches for "skinbedder" or "igmon" turn up dozens of pages, usually related to what something has done with one of those programs and not how to set them up, etc...

    I think that we need better stickies, for example under support software ->skinbedder, there should be a sticky for where to download and how to set it up, and the version revision information.

    Same thing for front ends, have a where to download and installation and configuration sticky...

    Just a thought.. I go grazy looking for stuff here too.

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    Welcome to our world....
    We've all been where you've been and spent hours looking for our golden nuggets of information amongst huge, seemingly endless piles of bull****.

    The (hopefully) forthcoming wiki should alleviate a lot of that.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    I've been working to help create stickies that are not only useful but help to eliminate the countless new threads that ask the same things over and over again, thus making it incredibly difficult to do any kind of useful searching.

    However, the software forums aren't my

    Hoping the wiki will come about soon to help alleviate some of the stress on newbies.
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