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Thread: Forcing Newbies to search

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    Quote Originally Posted by hoffmandirt View Post
    I am new to the site and I have a huge interest in obd-II programming, but searching through hundreds/thousands of posts to find the right answers can be a bare sometimes. For example, I'm not sure how to get started writing obd-II compatible software and if I knew I would know what to search for. What would be nice is if someone could take posts that most newbs search for and start an Articles/How to section. Right now I am interested in selecting the right cables and how the data is sent across the cable (I think). I know these questions have probably been answered again and again, so why not pull them out into a how to/article section.
    What you are looking for is calld ther FAQ Emporium. Also remember, that google searches of this site is very heelpfull, as well as www searches using google. There is tons of information on the web. You aren't limited to what is available on MP3car.

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    wikis are a great help

    the wealth of information here needs better organization than a FAQ format. that's why i suggest setting up a wiki. there's already a carputer wiki page; but it's nowhere nearly as detailed as the info found here on the forum.
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    I've seen these "how do we make newbies search" time and time again and all that keeps coming to my mind is if people would use sensible titles for the threads it would help. I've searched this forum quite a lot and if you put a word or phrase in and it returns 5 or 6 pages when you start looking through them it would help if the title gave you some idea what the thread was going to be about.

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    This seems to be a growing problem of no one being able to ask any questions for fear of being flamed by anyone who seems to be in a bad mood that day. Honestly, who cares if it is somewhere on the board? If no one is allowed to post, then why is this board here? What is its purpose? And where does the information come from? A few? No. It comes from constant additions, "QUESTIONS", and answers. Just because this board is huge, does not mean we become lax and just tell poeple to search. That is almost lazy IMHO. Get up off your comfy computer chairs and help people out. That is why this board and others like it exist. Right?
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    I think this problem comes in two flavors. First, I know nothing about car PCs and I post a redundant question. We've basically taken care of that with the FAQ Emporium. A newbie can get almost all the information he or she (hahahahaha) want about how to get started. It's not ideally organized and takes a bit of reading, but you can get a sense for how to go about the project by looking through the FAQ Emporium.

    That's why people who don't are met with a cool reception.

    Second flavor is looking for atypical stuff. The night vision thing. The solar power question. Programming a pic. Increasing LCD backlight brightness. That kind of stuff. Those are more advanced topics that people who stick around here might look up.

    Those are much more difficult to ferret out and read up on. Lots of time wasted reading thread that go nowhere. A wiki could help out there.
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    I was gung ho on building a PC [until] just recently. However, between my new phone having internet and GPS and all...and this kit...Im starting to have trouble justfiying it haha.
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    I'm a newbe and I gotta say that I do search first before I post. with over 300 post on a search, sometimes u get a very good and quick result by posting ur own.

    It might be boring for the pro cause some question will be posted over and over again but we all started as a amature and this community makes us all stronger with the knowledge.

    when i talk to friends here at work i show them this website here and tell them what great guys you are, that you are quick with a respond and explain the technic. I show them ur car projects and how nice u guys have ur setup.

    I used to be a newbe in flash and i asked hunders of questions, now im a pro and I'm giving back to the flash community.

    I'll take this apportunity to give you guys lots of love. I've learned much since im here.

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    I agree with bugbyte - a wiki would be nice on mp3car. I also agree with flavor4real - even 300 post long treads that I've started and I already know the contents of are a pain to read.

    Ironically, I don't have anything to contribute to the discussion other than *me too* and I'm making the thread a little bit longer and harder to search as a result.
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    I think the "forum gestapo" should automatically delete any email with the header "question!?!" or "help!!!". None descriptive titles are useless to all of us and any resolution contained within those posts will likely be lost for all times. I never look in search results with crap for headers.

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